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Our Specialties


A slightly sweet Persian chicken stew that boasts deliciously subtle layers of flavour thanks to pomegranate molasses, scrummy walnut sauce and special spices.

Kebab Barg

One of the most tender and satisfying Persian kebabs, with a delicate cut of first-class lamb fillet cooked over glowing hot charcoal.

Ghormeh Sabzi

Indulge yourself in a super delicious Persian stew, loaded with several types of fresh local herbs and red kidney beans, served over steamed basmati rice.

Kebab Koobideh

Enjoy the juiciest and amazingly flavourful minced meat kebabs ever! A signature Persian grilled meat with a combination of original spices.


A hearty, slow-cooked lamb shank, which is a perfect dinner treat! Order now and enjoy one of the most popular Persian dishes.

Felafel wrap

The ultimate veggie wraps, packed with crunchy Falafels, fresh vegetables & herbs and topped with a creamy homemade sauce. So good!

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Our mouthwatering dishes are cooked to perfection to satisfy every appetite. Get quality and genuine value for money at Persia Restaurant.

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Fast and secure delivery is just a tap away. You can always rely on us for a fresh delivery. Just place your order online and wait for the knock at your door.

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Our award-winning chefs make hearty meals using the freshest local ingredients. The result is amazing dishes with a winning combination of taste and quality.

About Us

Persia Restaurant

Persia Restaurant takes pride on serving the best Persian food in Newcastle upon Tyne. The meats on the menu are halal and everything is prepared with the finest quality local ingredients.

You can easily order a huge range of Mediterranean Mezes, Saffron infused hearty main foods and succulent charcoal grilled Kebabs via our website or App.

Have a Persian feast with our fresh Stuffed Vine Leaves, hearty Ghormeh sabzi, sweet and sour Zereshk Polo, Northern Iranian nutty Fesenjan and deep fried Falafel. Try them out and take your tastebuds eastwards! Thanks for visiting Persia Restaurant’s online food ordering website.

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